The Band

Colin Field – Guitar/Vocals

Colin FieldColin has played all over England solo and in various bands and duo’s. He’s been writing songs since he began playing at the age of 14. Colin moved to France to ski at the age of 21 and has stayed there, playing all over Serre Chevalier and the surrounding area.

Colin is also part of the duo/trio known as The Chillblanes which also features Ash Strain and sometimes Richard Fiander too.

Regular visitors to Serre Chevalier will recognise Colin from “The Colin Show”, which he fronted for many years until 2017. The current Nucleus set does include some favourites from “The Colin Show” including some songs that he has written.

Mike Rollins – Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals

Mike has been around the Serre Chevalier valley since the beginning of time, playing in various bands as well as solo. Mike’s first gig with Nucleus was on June 7th, 2018. Mike is writing a bio at the moment, but meanwhile he says,

“Sorry about Friday night boys. I was a bit shit and shaky and put it down to tiredness. Turns out I was bitten by a snake Friday afternoon (without realising) and it could have been the effect of the venom….”

Rick Lomas – Bass Guitar/Vocals

Rick LomasRick has been living in Serre Chevalier since 2001, but has been gigging in the valley since 1997. Regular Serre Chevalier visitors will know him as the bass player with The Harper Brothers, The Ska Bandits, The Colin Show, Los Amigos Centrales and The Black and Blues Brothers. He has also been spotted in Serre Chevalier’s best ABBA Tribute band, Almost ABBA.

Back in the 1980s Rick played bass with Watford based group, “The Johnnies”. Later on in the 1990s he formed a techno/bigbeat/acid/electro-dub duo with Donovan Lines called Active Loop Zone. In Active Loop Zone, Rick was writing tunes, programming sequencers and creating mind-altering sounds with an Akai Sampler. In this format Active Loop Zone recorded two tracks on the Planet Dog album called Quadruped. Quadruped reached #17 in the UK Indie charts. In 1999,  record label Easy Tiger released a 12″ single “Strange Things Happen To The Head” which was played on BBC Radio One by Judge Jules and Pete Tong.

Rick has written equipment and software reviews for DJ Magazine and the 90s magazine Future Music.

Neil Hunter – Drums/Vocals

Neil HunterNeil has been visiting Serre Chevalier for many years, sometimes spending whole ski seasons here. He moved to France in 2017 mainly to play drums and snowboard a lot.

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