Opening Night at La Grotte

Nucleus were delighted to play at The Opening Night at La Grotte on December 9, 2017. At this time of year there are not really any holidaymakers here, so it tends to be season workers and the occasional property owner. So although there were not tons of people there, the ones who were there absolutely loved it. In particular on lovely bunch of lads from the Frèjus Hotel who were right into it all night long.

We are hoping that La Grotte is going to become a regular gig on Wednesday nights throughout the ski season. We’ll let you know when this begins.

Joe was working behind the bar this night and during the bands cover of Dani California, he shot this short video with his phone. We like it:


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Project Nucleus are Colin Field, Ash Strain, Rick Lomas & Neil Hunter. Four friends who have been playing music together for years. The band lives in Serre Chevalier, Hautes Alpes, France.

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