Q: Where does the name Nucleus come from?
A: In the summer of 2017 Rick put a private Facebook Group together for internal communication wit the band members. He was watching HBO’s rather brilliant and superbly funny Silicon Valley TV show at the time which featured a file compression algorithm that was called Nucleus. The idea was always to think of something better, but the name kind of stuck. Going by the scientific definition, we like the idea that it is the positively charged part of an atom made out of protons and neutrons. The more general definition is pretty cool too; The central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth.

Q: Are you a bunch of nerds?
A: No, but Rick is 🙂

Q: How long is your set?
A: We usually aim to do a 2 hour set, but this can be extended or reduced according to the venues wishes. We usually don’t take a break, but if this is required we can do 2 sets.

Q: Do you do requests?
A: Generally no, but it’s worth asking. Our general feeling is that if we don’t know a song there is no point trying to play it and risk messing it up.

Q: I play guitar/bass/drums can I play a song with you?
A: Generally no, but once again, please ask

Q: How far are you prepared to travel for a gig?
A: We are based in the ski resort of Serre Chevalier, so anything within 1 hours travel is fine. Beyond this there will be extra expenses for accommodation etc. Band members have previously travelled to the UK, Spain, Germany and Denmark for gigs, so anything is possible.

Q: I’ve seen these guys playing in The Harper Brothers – is this the same band?
A: No. Project Nucleus is aimed to be completely ‘family friendly’ with an emphasis on positivity and fun.

Q: Can you entertain non English speaking audiences?
A: Yes, no problem we have tons of experienc e with French, Swedish and Danish audiences.

Q: What are your power requirements?
A: We can run the entire band including lights from one standard mains socket

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